Tradition tour

This tour will take you through Peru without much physical effort, taking your time, which is perfect for anyone, whatever the age, willing to discover and travel in this great country!

North Peru Tour

This tour will allow you to explore the north of Peru and the different pre-Inca civilizations and admire the fusion of the Andes and of the Amazonian forest

Adventure tour

This tour allows you to make amazing treks, including the prestigious "Path of the Inca", where your efforts will be rewarded by the splendid scenery the Andes have to offer!

Landscapes of Peru tour

This tour is made for those who want to go through a traditional itinerary but includes a two days trek into the heart of the Colca canyon ( the world's highest canyon !)

The trek in the North

This tour will allow you to explore the north of Peru in a 5 days hike in the middle of a thick forest and amazing sceneries between the Andes and the Amazone.

Coast Andes and Amazonia

This three weeks tour will take you through the three regions of Peru. This complete tour and its high points and sceneries are waiting for you!


The dream of all is to make an unforgettable trip!

Peru, the Spanish conquest, the City of Gold, the Incas, Machu Picchu, the Amazon ... PERU.

AmericaLatina, allow you to travel freely to Peru, in contact with its inhabitants, its history, its anecdotes.  AmericaLatina wants to invite you to live this experience every moment. 

We are a team of companions, that thanks to our organization, our professionalism and above all, thanks to our human sense, we want to open the doors of Peru by the most beautiful entries.

Peru is not just a country: It is the country's traditional folklore, ethnic diversity.  Peru is the country of multiple languages ​​from many roots and its rich regions; where each step forward; you can see how it changes cultures, landscapes and climates.

What to choose to make a great visit to Peru between the 3 regions? The Coast? The Andes? The Amazon? ... And how about if we can make two of them or all 3!

If you choose to travel to Peru in small groups, get informed about the dates that we offer in our different circuits in mini-group of 10 people.  This will allow you to get very convenient rates for your budget and have a companion throughout your visit. In this way you will discover Peru always informed by our in-situ guide.

Also, we offer different types of visit without joining different groups on the proposed dates; you can create your private group with a minimum of 3 people.  This will allow you to choose your departures and arrivals dates and develop the circuit proposed by the agency.  In addition, you also will feature an exclusive companion. 

Our proposal is to make the trip to suit you, with or without companions.  In this way you can choose and adapt your itinerary.  Also you can be in constant contact with the local inhabitant.

Peru awaits. Bon Voyage to all.